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Instant Phone Riches

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Attention entrepreneurs, if you're not tapping into the iphone app market then you're missing out on a big slice of money pie! Right now, you can easily become the next iphone application millionaire in a few easy steps!

The mobile phone application is poised to become the next big thing in the market. I know you may think: iPhone applications are just playthings and who would pay for all these anyway?

Well, let me talk about a real life person whom we will call X for privacy reasons. X wanted to create some sideline income to supplement his day job, so he created little applications that people could download for a small fee. He didn't think much of it, but to his amazement and surprise, it generated four figure sums after a few days, then a staggering $800,000 over the next five months.

It's strange how little things like that can place huge profits into your pocket but it’s true. Besides X, a handful of programmers have come up with 'silly' little applications that are downloaded numerous times, and bringing their creators at least 5 figure sums of cold, hard cash.
"Yeah, you mentioned only programmers can create such applications. But I'm not! Does that mean I'll have to go for a private course and spend time learning how to create these applications?"

No, you won't have to. Yes, it’s true that you'll need programming knowledge. But you're not going to be the one who does all that mucking around.

I mean, can you imagine Steve Jobs actually doing all that technical work for Apple? Of course not! Successful people like him delegate their work to others while they rack their brains and come up with more brilliant cash generating ideas

That was one of the things I learnt when I tried to create my own iPhone applications. Sheesh, I struggled for weeks, wasting hours in research, tweaking, and messing around with programming matters.

When I finally hit my eureka moment, I looked back and realized that it took me heck of a time just to create one application. So I retraced back my steps, refined the process and did it all over again. This time round, I was able to create an application that was way faster and more profitable than the previous one

Talking to several wannabe application creators on forums, I realized their one major concern was a lack of guidance in creating iPhone applications. They didn't know head nor tail!
It's Time To Jump In On The Hottest Market Around...

How many times have we all sat back and thought "Why didn't I think of that?"

The time is NOW to jump on this market, and strike while the iron is red hot, and that's why I have created this unique eBook and course for you, nothing comes close to what is on offer today.