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From eBay Zero to eBay Hero

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Who else wants to learn the secrets of making huge money on ebay? Need an ebay tutor to help you become an ebay pro? then you came to the right place! This book from Mike Enos is designed to help you become a successful eBay seller!

Mike is The Real Deal, He Has Sold Over $809,689.15 Worth of Goods On eBay And Shipped More Than 14,944 Packages. All From His Home! He Has Been Interviewed For Radio, TV And Print Media. He Has Given Multiple Presentations at eBay's Annual Convention "eBay LIVE"

Here are a few words from Mike...

In March 2002 I started my own home business on the internet, an eBay selling business. I wanted to forever lose my 3-3/4 hour commute and be at home with my family. Becoming an eBay seller seemed like one of the the best home business ideas out there. There are so many home based businesses. Some are real, but most are bogus. I kept hearing so many eBay success stories, that I decided to sell on eBay.

By July 2002, I was selling more than $25,000 each month. In November, eBay awarded me a Platinum Power Seller Certificate.

While spending countless hours building my business, how I wished I had an eBay tutor or other eBay pro to go to for tips, advice, and practical help to get me up to speed. When you start a new home business, you can expect to have many unanswered eBay selling questions. That is why I have developed this eBook. It will provide you with what YOU need to quickly and easily start making great money.

Whether you want to drop ship on eBay, find wholesale products, closeouts, liquidated, or dropshippers to dropship your products directly to your customers, you'll find all the information you need here. I have personally used wholesale dropship dropshippers to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales on eBay! You can too!

Would YOU Like To Build Your Own
Home Based eBay Business?
As home business ideas go, it is extremely difficult to beat becoming an eBay pro. has over 100 million users and is one of the most visited websites in the world. It also offers one of the most legitimate home based businesses available.

My eBook contains a ton of home business hints on making huge profits from eBay. As your eBay tutor, you can count on me to keep you updated with the latest techniques to help you sell and grow your own home business on the internet.

Some Of The Topics Covered in This Fantastic eBook!

eBay Advantages
Getting Started On eBay
Why You Need To BUY First
Grow Your Feedback Score
Setting Goals
Making Money Is NOT A Goal
Three Types Of Goals
What Is Your Time Worth?
Dropshipping Success SECRETS
Wholesale Product
Importing Secrets
Refurbished Goods
Liquidated Goods
Local Auctions
Knowledge Products
Consignment Selling
How To Sell More
What NOT To Sell
Cool eBay Success Stories
FAST Track Success
Time For Action!

Have you ever wondered...

"What Can I Sell On eBay For HUGE Profits?"
I have received that question so many times that I now have added for your benefit, a
FREE WHOLESALE SEARCH ENGINE. Click the link to try it out for yourself. Find products that are being sold by other eBay pros. You can find wholesale dropship products from hundreds, even thousand of dropshippers from around the world. You can also find closeouts, refurbished, even salvage product for your auctions.

Would you like to learn INCREDIBLE SECRETS like:
What can YOU sell on eBay? Most people are stumbled by this question. You will learn MANY locations to source your product. We discuss DROPSHIPPING, Wholesale, Information products, etc...
Why you should not sell what everyone else is selling!
How to make BIG PROFITS selling refurbished goods.
How to make a fortune from knowledge products.
What not to sell on eBay.
Millions of people are making money selling on eBay EACH day.
Would you like to be one of them and get YOUR share?
Do you want to get started and "Learn The eBay Selling Ropes" as quickly as possible?
Then you have come to the right place.
Don't Wait! Get Your Copy of This Fantastic eBook Now.