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Defend Your Website Domain Against Hackers

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Dear Webmaster, if you have a membership site or sell ebooks or software by direct download using PayPal's payment system, then you could be losing hundreds of dollars worth of sales.

If so, chances are, you've been robbed! Let's face it, PayPal is a wonderful way to accept payment online, but if you deliver downloadable products, then you're wide open to being ripped off.

Basically, anyone with the faintest notion of HTML can gain access to your download page without paying you a cent! And guess what, it happens ALL THE TIME! Now YOU can put an end to this daylight robbery with "Defend Your Domain".

This impressive collection of easy-to-use scripts will stop information thieves in their tracks! Inside you'll find three complete solutions that will fully protect your PayPal links. Your ebooks and software will NEVER be stolen again!

But that's not all you'll find in "Defend Your Domain". In fact it's just the beginning... Theft doesn't stop with downloadable products. As a webmaster you've got to ensure that your website is safe against all kinds of security breaches. With "Defend Your Domain" you get just that. As well as your PayPal links, you'll protect your search engine rankings, your website images and more. But "Defend Your Domain" is about much more than just security.

When you own the "Defend Your Domain" package, you'll own a fully comprehensive collection of webmaster tools and scripts. Just take a look at this list...
* A full website auction script so you can create your own Ebay!
* 35 must-have webmaster scripts including redirects, contact forms, database management, link management and loads more.
* Awesome TRAFFIC Tools including: An Active Desktop Wizard, an Active Channel Wizard, a Form