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Delicious Soup Recipes

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Collection of Soup Recipes Table of Contents All about soups Value of soup in the meal General classes of soup Classes of soup denoting consistency. Classes of soups denoting quality Stock for soup and its uses Varieties of stock Additional uses of stock

Soup extracts
The stockpot - use and care of stockpot
Flavoring stock
Making of soup
Principal ingredients
Meat used for soup making
Herbs and vegetables used for soup.
Processes involved in making stock.
Cooking meat for soup.
Removing grease from soup.
Clearing soup
Thickening soup
Serving soup
Recipes - stocks
Recipes - soups
Asparagus soup
Baked bean soup
Barley soup
Bean and corn soup
Bean and tomato soup
Bean soup
Beef soup
Bran stock
Bread soup
Brown macaroni soup
Brown soup stock
Cabbage soup
Canned green pea soup
Caper soup
Carrot soups
Cauliflower soup
Celery soups
Chestnut soup
Chicken cream soup
Chicken soups
Cocoanut soup
Crab soup
Creole soup
Fish soup
French soup
Fruit soup
Green beans soup
Haricot soup
Italian soup
Leek soup
Lentil soup
Lettuce soup
Lobster soup
Macaroni soup
Milk soup
Mushroom soup
Mutton soup
Onion soups
Oyster soup
Pea soup
Potato and rice soup
Potato soup
Prawn soup
Sago and potato soup
Sago soup
Salmon soup
Semolina soup
Sorrel soup
Spinach soup
Summer soup
Sweet potato soup
Sydney soup
Tapioca and tomato soup
Tomato and macaroni
Tomato soups
Tomato vermicelli soup
Veal soup
Vegetable soup
And more