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Now That's Incredible

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What's the real truth about the lost city of Atlantis? Who are all those people that show up in your dreams? What the heck is the bloop? what's unusual about the usa patriot act? you'll find the answers to these questions, and many more, in this fun ebook!

Here's an example of what you'll read: The Wild West has a notorious reputation as a place where violence and murder were common-place. If someone cheated a poker, shoot him. If someone stole your horse, shoot him. If the bartender refused to serve you, shoot him. If the McDanigan brothers forgot to give you a birthday present, shoot them. And their dog.

Basically, it was anarchy. Gun-slingers abounded. Shoot-outs were a daily affair. Outlaws and bandits were everywhere. The local sheriffs were powerless to halt the bloodshed.

So how many murders do you think were happening in these western towns at the height of this craziness? How many murders would typically

A hundred? Two hundred? More than that?

In fact,… five.

Five? What the fu… FIVE!?

Yes siree bob. Five was the most murders that any of the old west towns ever saw in one year. The average murder rate was about 1.5 per year – and, of course, not all of those were shootings.

How about Tombstone dammit? Surely there were more than five people shot during the famous gunfight at the OK Corral? Well, no. In fact, ‘only’ three people were killed in that particular shoot-out – and that was Tombstone’s most violent year ever!