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Download free ebook - Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

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If you are interested in Karate, Taekwondo and other martial arts then this is the package for you. There are five different e-Books, each packed with information.

You will get five martial arts books in 'PDF' format, each with re-sell rights:

Physics of Striking

. Introduction

. Force, Momentum and Deformation Energy

. Striking Surface

. Point of Focus

. Use of Body Mass

. Specifics of Impact

Bruce Lee’s Training Secrets

Written by Grandmaster William Cheung (Australasian Blitz Magazine) who grew up with Bruce Lee, and let’s us into a few secrets of training with Bruce Lee. A nice personal piece of writing!!

Bruce Lee’s Speed Training

Written in conjunction with Bruce Lee himself it includes, amongst others:

. Speed in Punching

. Candle Drill

. Blocking Drill

. Finger Jab

Bruce Lee’s Strength Training

With pictures, it shows you how to approach strength training and what exercises Lee used to develop power. Again a nice personal piece of writing with many personal accounts from the Wong brothers.

Pressure Points Guide

A guide on Medium-Range Combatives, with many diagrams, including

. Vital Targets

. Striking Principles

. Very clear and an interesting read