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Best Date Ever

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How to be her best date ever ... and give her the most enjoyable, exciting, fun-filled, satisfying, and memorable experience of her life... without spending a lot!

Have you ever been able to blow her mind on the first date, to a point where she's reeling from the enjoyment and ecstasy of the night you just gave her?

Have you ever gone home, after a date, knowing for a fact that she will be thinking, wanting, and even dreaming about seeing you again?

If you answered "No" to the above questions, you are not alone. In fact, most guys have had the exact opposite of the above experiences during (and after) a first date...

There's nothing worse than going home after a date, wondering if the girl will ever want to see you again... or if she will even answer the phone when you call her the next day... or wondering if this will be like most first dates where all your effort and hard work would once again go to waste - with nothing to show for it... not even a goodnight kiss...

Let's face it... if she doesn't at least have an above average date with you, you would be lucky to even get a second date with her.

And, if she has a bad date with you, you can pretty much guarantee that you will never see her again. She may not even answer your phone calls, text messages, or emails.

The truth is, most guys can be so 'average' and boring during the first date, that the girl just wants to go home and be alone for the rest of the night... OR... she is tempted to call some other guy, who can give her the thrill and passion that she wants... (while you end up going home alone.)

The worst part is, she will never tell you WHY it didn't work out, or what you did wrong to mess the date up - even if you asked her point blank.

And, you would just have to continue 'guessing' as to what went wrong... and hope that you'll get it right when you start all over again, with somebody going on yet another "first date"...

So, just what the heck is it that you're supposed to do on a first date that will get her to enjoy, and even cherish the memories - after the night is over... to a point where she won't be able to wait to see you again, and spend more time with you?

Would you like to find that out - once and for all - so that you can stop guessing at what works and what doesn't... and stop making those same "expensive" mistakes over and over again that continue to kill your chances with any girl you're attracted to?

Because, you're about to finally get the exact recipe to creating fun, excitement, romance, passion, connection... all the ingredients to pack into that first date, to make it a special and memorable one for her.