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Building Better Backlinks

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Building effective backlinks can be instrumental in improving search engine ranking for your website and increasing quality traffic. Learn from the pros how to build effective backlinks in order to successfully generate a high volume of quality visitors to your website. Having links placed on important websites can even increase the traffic aof a popular website by more than 500%.

Out of nowhere, my websites all TANKED. Every single one.

Of course I later found out that it was thanks to a little thing called the Google Panda. I found out that it had actually affected thousands of websites, and I wasn't the only one who got killed.

My Income Dropped to Almost $0

As you might imagine, I got pretty freaked out. What was I supposed to do now? I had a family to support. Plus I was saving up for a sweet vacation, as this had been my best year to date

Then it hit me.

I wasn't building a solid business!

Despite the fact that dozens of marketers had told me not to solely focus on SEO, I did it anyways. I figured that I was doing okay, why should I listen to them?

I mean, they were just jealous, right?.

So after getting killed in the SERPs, I finally learned my lesson. I decided to build a real, brandable business from that point on. No longer would all of my traffic come from SEO, but from other sources as well.

And you know what happened? I developed a system of building websites that just cannot  fail. Not only does it help me rock in the SEO world, but get tons of traffic from other sources as well.