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Jazz Dancing

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Now Feel The Stings of Spins, Tuns And Lifts With The Most Fashionable And Exciting Dance Form….JAZZ DANCING!! The jazz dancers bring style and originality to their dance which helps them in interpreting and executing their dance form in a more flexible manner.

Are you a dance lover??? Do you like to tone your body with dancing?? Are you planning to learn any particular dance form??? If the answer to all these questions is yes…..then you can go for jazz dancing. Jazz dancing is considered to be the most exciting and strongest style form in dance. It is a blend of ballet and tap dance. It first originated in mid-20's and 30's in Africa. Jazz dancing is greatly influenced by the music, notes, sounds and techniques of jazz music. There are many universities in the world which are offering jazz dance courses. The world's talented jazz dancers and choreographers teach the students in these universities. Jazz Dancing is Perfect Choice for Fun and Good Health!!! Today many individuals take jazz classes for maintaining their health and overcoming stress and mood swings.

Origin of Jazz Dancing

Until 1950's, jazz dancing was often referred as tap dancing. This was because in that era tap dancing was considered to be one of the most well-known dance forms and was performed on jazz music. With continuous years of evolution of jazz dancing some new jazz styles were born. Today jazz dance has evolved as complete modern form of dance which is gaining popularity all around the world. Today jazz is classified as more of hip-hop style.

Jazz is all about showing your personality while you are dancing. Our personality helps us to make our dance steps more prominent and unique. As discussed in the chapters, the modern jazz dance is highly influenced by the other dance styles like- ballet, acrot, contemporary and hip-hop. Not only is this, but many other dance styles around the world are influenced by jazz dance.

Jazz is a dance style which has ruled the dance stage for many decades and still it is on top of all the dance forms!!! Jazz feet…jazz turns…jazz smiles….jazz jumps!! Jazz will be popular among the dance lovers as long as there are theatres and trendy music. Jazz is ruling the dance sector from the ancient times. It was originated in the mid 20's by the African American as a dance form. We can very well imagine the craze of jazz dance from this very fact.