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Art Of Asking Girl Out

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Revealed: The strategies of asking a girl out even if you are a hopeless nerd! Would you like to make the girl you want to date say 'yes' to you when you are asking her out for a date?

Have you been in a situation where you feel so embarrassed when the girl you want to date turn you down through the phone? You don't even get the chance to meet her.

While it is common for hotties to go out with hot guys out there, it is not uncommon to see some hotties to hang out with nerds happily too. The key point here is - happily.

If this is the case, why can't the nerd be you?

Seriously, you do not need to have a nice hair, packed body, good colognes, an expensive car, a bungalow or management position in a multi-national company. It just does not make sense girls would say 'yes' to dates based on all these criteria.

Now, let's check if you are having the following problem..

You feel shy to ask her out
Even you have her number, you do not have the courage to call
You are afraid if she might say 'no' to your date
You think that she won't go out on a date with a nerd like you
You think that she will only want to date hot guys, like your friend, John
If she turns you down, you will find it difficult to ask her out again
You have no idea where to bring her out even if she says yes

If you are facing the problems above, let me assure you that you are not alone. Even the well perceived hot guys are facing some of these problems, sometimes. In other words, they are just as normal as you are.

They may have a tiny advantage over you, but this does not mean you are the loser. You will be surprised with the amount of couples where the boyfriends are ugly, fat and unattractive and the girlfriends are the prettiest ones on earth.


If you have ever attempted to seek advice from your beloved parents on the subject matter, you are probably going to the unreliable source in most cases. While it is not wrong to seek advice from them, but their approaches (that worked half a decade ago), will not have the same effect on today's generation.

Why do you need write a letter when there are emails, instant messengers and mobile phones today? Why do you need to go to the parents to ask for a date when you can ask the intended dates for yourself?

That's the problem with tradition.

Even some of you who are living in this generation are using the good old methods to ask a girl out. Some may work and some may not work.


Let's face it and you definitely need help from the reliable source. If you are able to find someone credible to tell you what to do with asking a girl out, wouldn't it do you a a great help?

It is for this reason, I've put all the concepts and strategies together in this ebook. It is truly a manual that you need so that you do not get turned down by the girl you want to date again.

In the ebook, you will learn:-

the different types of girls
factors to prepare and consider when you ask a girl out
the right time to ask her out
the common mistakes guys make when asking a girl out
the ideas of being romantic
how to communicate with her
tips to take note when you are on a date
the don'ts when it comes to asking her out
how to make your first impression counts
and much more..

Let me make this clear. Adopting the principles and strategies above will help you to handle your date better but it is not the absolute answer to all your dating problems. In addition, different types of girls react very differently so you need to make sure what type of girl you are dealing with.