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What is all about?

We give away to our visitors completely free ebooks with resell rights. Have you ever wondered what was in those ebooks that are being sold on eBay? We did. We bought them and we're sharing them with you. Everyday we will buy new ebooks and post it for you to download, so bookmark us and check back everyday!

Are these public domain ebooks?

No, these are not public domain ebooks.  These are completely free ebooks with resell rights, meaning that you can resell them for profits.  Please read the license that come with each ebook for details.

Are all these ebooks really FREE?

Yes! ;)

Can I resell these and make tons of money!?

Yes! They are resell rights ebooks so you can do whatever you want with them, including resell them and keep all the profits! If you make tons of money, a little donation would be nice *wink*. :)

Is it legal?

Absolutely. Again, resell rights means that you are able to resell the ebooks for profit.   Please read the license that comes with each ebook.

What does bugabong mean?

We have no clue. It just sounded nice but, doing a Google search, we found this out.

bugabong (n.) gentle breeze with moving cool air at early dawn.

What If I want an ebook you don't have?

Contact us. If we like it, we'll buy it and post it for everyone!