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Instant Internet Empires

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My unprofessional little home made web site brought in $115,467.21 last year and you're about to discover how you can do the to get five money-making web sites in 29 minutes or less...without spending a fortune!

You're about to discover how you can have FIVE of your own Internet businesses set up and taking orders within 29 minutes...for less than half of what most people spend on groceries!

But first, please let me introduce myself...

Hi! My name is Frank Kern. I'd like for you to know up front that I'm not an Internet Guru...Not A Computer Wiz...And Not A Marketing Genius.

First of all, I'll admit that I don't expect you to believe a single word I say. After all, how many times a day are you BOMBARDED with some lame "get-rich-quick" scheme on the Internet? You probably get a brand new promise of instant wealth every few hours in your e-mail box and if you're anything like me, you've tried a few and been left with nothing but a hole in your pocket! Well, I've got great news for you. Now you too can make great money right from your home with your own auto-pilot "Internet Empire"! But before we get into that, let me prove to you that I'm actually doing it and that you can too...

Rock Solid Proof

Here it is...a copy of my bank statement showing my daily deposits totalling over $4,559.13 for the last week in February.

Now I want you to know this was NOT a normal week. It's usually around $1,400.00 to $2,100.00. February just happened to end with a BANG!

You Can Do It Too...

But I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'll make you rich... or that if you give me money, you'll make gobs of cash just sitting on your couch doing nothing.

Why would anyone want to insult your intelligence like that? But I will tell you that you can cash in on your share of all the money that's being made out there on the Internet and I'm going to show you how. In fact, I'm willing to help you personally. And once you learn the simple little system I'm going to show you, you can even be making money while you travel, play golf with your friends, or spend time at home with your family.

Here's how you do it:

By selling instantly downloadable information products from your home, even while you're out having fun or traveling the world...
And the best part don't even have to have a creative bone in your body! Forget trying to write an e-book. That takes forever! And forget trying to develop the "next hot product". It takes way too long and who knows if it will sell? By the time you're done reading this letter, you'll know how to have FIVE of your own web sites set up and accepting orders in less than 29 minutes.

Think about what I'm telling you here: You'll have FIVE of your own money making businesses completely ready to go in 29 minutes. (I know that's a pretty big promise but bear with me. I'll show you how in a minute!)

Imagine The Perfect Business

You Can Run It From Home...Or From Anywhere With A Telephone Connection
There Is No Large Investment To Get Started
You Can Put Everything On Auto-Pilot
There Is No Face-To-Face Selling Involved
There Is No Inventory To Buy Or Ship
You Can Even Work In Your Underwear If You Want To (No More Ties!) Sound good? It Is!

The Cash Flow System That Brought In Over $115,467.00 In The First Year

My Internet Business brought in over $115,467.21 last year and I'm going to show you exactly how you can do the same thing. But I'm not going to stop there...I'm going to give you FIVE Internet businesses you can start right now...TODAY!