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Domain Arbitrage

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There is a huge offline opportunity sitting right underneath your nose and you have probably not realized it yet. Or perhaps you have thought about it but never really considered the potential...

This is a short report on a really cool offline marketing technique that you can use to find some of the “low hanging fruit” opportunities that already exist and just require someone like you to become the broker.

But... like any other marketing system, you actually have to DO something. So if you are prepared to do the work, you can create some serious opportunities for yourself.

The basic idea of this system is to focus on "smaller" town local offline businesses who either lack an online presence or already have an online presence but want to step it up another level. This report will cover all of the following: • Find 3 localized keyword-rich domains and buy them
• Map the domains to your hosting account and install Wordpress
• Configure basic SEO settings
• Publish 5 keyword relevant blog posts
• Submit each post to social networks
• Submit each post to document sharing sites
• Sell the domain, ads, directory listings or full site design